ASH 31 Kit 1:3


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ASH 31 Kit

The kit includes:

  • all GRP parts, ready for installation
  • colour stability of all GRP parts due to UV-resistant varnish RAL 9003 (white) - no yellowing any more (clean varnish only with polish, do not use acetone or spirit)
  • GRP canopy and fitting components, GRP cabin frame and mechanics with gas pressure damper
  • GRP cockpit, seat pan, two side parts and backrest
  • small articulated parts
  • wing connector
  • customs tariff number 95030075

The kit does not include:

  • RC and drive components
  • landing gear

Construction / prefabrication


  • elevator, wing, winglet already installed
  • high-strength two-part full GRP and CRP wing with three flaps and winglet (per side)
  • gap-free linkage with GRP sealing lip and eye bolts 4 mm (rudder horns)
  • thread for eye bolts (rudder horns) incorporated in flaps
  • wing locking (monobloc) installed
  • spoilers installed
  • 20 mm hardened round steel shaft as wing connector


  • fuselage reinforcement with glass unidirectional tape in entire canopy area and CRP unidirectional tape in fuselage tube area
  • closing frame with servo holder
  • bowden cable for rudder linkage pasted
  • back of fuselage varnished - invisible seam


  • set of small parts (eye bolts, clevis, 3 mm threaded rod, servo and spoiler covers)

Packaging size

  • inner wing 2300 mm
  • fuselage 2350 mm

Available at additional cost:

  • installation of canopy:
    • folding mechanism installed with gas pressure damper
    • canopy pasted and varnished
    • wind indicator pasted
    • canopy protection
  • installation of landing gear:
    • exclusive landing gear by Paritech, modified with swing rubber, gas pressure damper, base plate and servo holder, completely installed in fuselage with landing gear doors
    • tail wheel installed
  • rudder, covers of spoiler and servo installed
  • set of protective bags made of Cordura material:
    • dirt-repellent Cordura; lined with fleece inside to avoid scratches
    • high-quality zippers and carrying straps
    • set consisting of fuselage, elevator and wing connector, inner wing, outer wing and winglets
    • colour scheme: blue/gray with white Paritech print


above 6mm
below 3mm
below 6mmabove 3mmbelow17mm
Middle Rudderabove 11mm
below 3mmabove 2mmneutral
Aileronabove 11mm
below 1mmabove 1mmsee Normal
Elevatorabove 14mm
below 6mm
see Normalsee Normalbelow 1mm
Rudderleft max.
right max.
see Normalsee Normalsee Normal

Additional information


7000 mm


2350 mm


from 15 kg


160 square decimetre


MH 32 / inside 14%, from 1000 mm to root 11%


AFT Schambeck, Jet CAT turbine, Jet Flex folding impeller Moses Modellbau



Schwerpunkt (cg)


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